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What is Artificial Intelligence

Updated: Jun 5, 2021

Artificial intelligence (AI) is intelligence demonstrated by machines, unlike the natural intelligence displayed by humans and animals, which involves consciousness and emotionality- according to Wikipedia, it is primarily a man-made intelligence to teach and train machines to do things with its discernment, to save time and manual effort.

Artificially Intelligent

Since the first machine was made by the English in the 18th century to ease travel and increase factory productions, man has been constantly trying to upgrade life with machines and to ease every possible manual labor. And as a result of those constant efforts, man was finally able to develop a technology that could be as intelligent as the human brain and efficient in every way to work on its own- Artificial Intelligence.

Human intelligence is a phenomenon, a natural gift; AI is a technology developed by man, an artificial man-made version of natural human intelligence.

AI winter

It was first in 1955 when Herbert Simon and Allen Newell developed a logic theorist(the first Artificial Intelligence program) that could solve and prove Mathematical theories- it could prove 38 out of 52 theories!

According to the History of Artificial Intelligence after 1955 there was a whole revolution in the development of Artificial Intelligence called AI winter era. Then later in the 2000s and in the present, concepts and sciences like Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Big Data Sciences emerged to back up the machine’s AI to work efficiently on its own.

Intelligence in the market

Artificial Intelligence started gaining prominence in the finance sector in the 1980s, and into the Health sector, Market and advertising, the military ( it was the U.S military who first used AI to enhance communication, sensing, cyber operations, etc. And the National Governments too started using Artificial Intelligence for surveying and face recognition of its citizens, etc. Applications of AI were being seen far and wide in almost every aspect of human life.

Artificial Intelligence is a term that’s now widely being used in every commercial sector in the market especially in recent years. Each industry focuses on more accuracy and fewer errors to stand out in the market and get people’s attention on their products or services.

As the results given by AI were based on compiling and learning of past data and trends, instead of human perceptions and believes; hence the predictions and were accurate.

Commercially, AI is now being used for security analysis, and human detection widely in the physical world. It’s being used in the administrator levels too for data management (corporate documents as well as employee details).

AI got more attention from international marketers after being a part of the Stockmarkets and the Trading world. Companies like Successtrading from India made the first Ai based trading platform that could predict the future market trends with the help of AI.

Shajol V. Shaji

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