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The new Indian trade secret: AI trading

Updated: May 27, 2021

PMan has been trading ever since history was recorded. Traditional trading was limited to buying and selling of items in exchange for items, in the early 17th century. In the 1800s stock trading started up, but in those times stock trading was only possible with the help of a mediator also known as a stockbroker, where more money was paid to the brokers including the commissions to buy company stocks.

Trading in India

Trading was only possible in India in the late 1800s after the British Impact.

It started in Mumbai with people buying and selling stocks under the banyan trees with a small number of stockbrokers, gradually the numbers increased and a lot of stockbrokers came into the picture and it became a prominent sector and thus the Bombay Stock Exchange was born. Later, other stock exchanges came up across India.

And then with the emergence of the Internet, everything was online so was the stock market. Smartphones revolutionized the stock market with people being able to buy stocks by themselves directly from the companies, which eliminated the mediator- stockbroker. Apps and websites like SuccessTrading made this possible.

The game-changer

Over the years, stock trading has changed in many ways. From sitting in front of the trading chart the whole day to keep a watch over the market to buy and sell stocks according to the variations in the market to checking the market trading charts just a few times a day. The latter in recent years is getting more significant since it was easy and less time-consuming. This was possible due to recent technological developments such as Artificial Intelligence.

AI is a new technology that automatically gives outputs according to the input data. This technology is being used n the stock trading field too. The system collects previous stock market data for the specified company or industry and predicts the possible outcome i.e profit or loss of the company. This technology is being used globally and is seen as a great success, as the system computes previous years’ stock data and predicts the profitability and loss that are about to happen, and notifies the trader about the perfect time to buy and sell stocks. Plus the system saves time that a trader used to spend watching the stock market charts, as it does the same for the trader, and increases the trading speed. Amateur traders can trust Artificial Intelligence as it predicts and helps the trader to trade easily because it predicts the pattern of the stock market with the help of previous stock market data patterns.

A new Indian Trade secret: AI Trading

We have seen a lot of technologies and concepts in India come from foreign countries but our Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s emphasis on Make in India i.e products and technologies made in India so that our country can be self-efficient and independent. The same goes for AI-based trading technology.

So do we have a new Trade secret?

Yes, there is a new Indian Trade secret: AI Trading which is familiarly also known as Artificial Intelligence Trading was developed for the very first time in India.

This new Indian Trade secret: AI Trading was developed in India by Bangalore-based Algorithmic trader Krishna Prasad and Data analyst and Machine Learning expert Abdul Hirshad.

These two young techies developed an Artificially Intelligent trading algorithm on top of the learning state art trading framework Tensor Trade, hence Successtrading, their Startup- an AI trading platform was born. They are now welcoming traders to invest with them because they are Experienced Traders and AI engineers who would handle your investments with utmost care. SuccessTrading AI trading algorithm has a prediction accuracy of 95% and has a strong Trade History, that can guarantee that trading and investing with them would bring profits. They are affiliated with government organizations like MSME and the Financial Commission of India.


The new Indian Trade secret: AI trading is no more a secret because AI is shaping the future of Indian stock trading with SuccessTrading. AI Stock Trading is a new easy method of trading that is Safe and Secure; amateur traders can now trade risk-free.

Shajol V. Shaji

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