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How to manage money

Have you ever wondered how to manage money without spending it unnecessarily?

Or how you could invest money and still be able to get good returns without heavy losses?

Money Management has become an important subject to this generation in the 21st century, as everybody knows how to earn money and spend it but nobody knows how to manage money. This has led to a flow of money and wealth from nation to nation; which resulted in rich nations getting richer and poor nations getting poorer. And resulted in the fall of national economies and GDPs.

To curb this flow of wealth, subjects like personal finance and Money management were introduced into the study curriculum of Highschool Students (Age 16-18) in recent years; as these students by the end of their high school, would be stepping into a new world and will be dealing with real-life problems with their adulthood.

How to manage money

Talking about Money Management, there are a few key points to be noted and things to be taken care of. A few of them are listed here on how to manage money-

Personal Finance

Personal Finance is an important part of “how to manage” money because this helps you to budget, save and spend your money concerning future life risks and events.

Here individuals Assess their current financial situation, set a goal for their future concerning their net-worth, Create a Plan on how to move about with the money in hand to keep up with the goa,l and execute the plan to reach their Goal. And then reassess again.

Keeping a budget of what you are doing, where you are spending your money is a great way to know and keep an account of your money.

Keep it in control

Oniomania or Compulsive Buying Disorder (CBD) is a money disorder that happens when you don’t keep your money in control. It’s a thought more like OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) that makes you want to shop anything and everything that you see. The urge to shop every often needs to be kept in control if you are planning to save money and wondering how to manage money.

Keeping your money in control and not letting it flow out by overspending your limits or continuously shopping is a bad practice while doing personal finance. Spending recklessly can break the Goals that you had in mind while preparing your personal finance goal.

Investing with Good returns

Investing money is one of the most efficient and easiest ways to manage your money. Investing your money in a good and reliable source could be a great way of managing your money as it gives you good returns and helps you with building the capital needed for the Goals, you had set while doing personal finance. Because it is like sowing a small seed in fertile soil and getting a bunch of fruits in return(only if you water and nurture the seed).

Artificial Intelligence-based companies like SuccessTrading can be a good lead to Good returns for your investment, as these companies have an algorithm that predicts the market and its trends; hence you can be sure about your returns.

Knowing is important

If you are thinking of managing and getting good returns for your money by investing in stock markets and trading; you better do your research about the same beforehand.

Ignorance in trading and investing could cost your life.

Do your research about the investment company or stocks you are planning to invest in. Also if you are thinking of getting help from a stockbroker, you better do your research on- How long your broker has been active in trading(experience), Reviews about the broker, Broker’s previous trading histories.

And then after getting satisfactory evidence that your broker or company is legit, go ahead with your investments. Be careful with how and where you invest, as a good amount of people are out there to scam and mug you out with your investments and money.

Beware of what you are doing

Research! Is the word you have to “note” again to get to the roots of how to manage money. Internet is a small but big world that is ever active 24/7. And people who have the resources, have a twisted mind, and want to earn money without blood, sweat, and tears; will be keeping a watch all over the place to see who is looking for investment companies and money managers. Scammers are big deal when you have a hefty amount of money in your wallet. So beware of who you trust with your money.

Again as mentioned above Internet is a small big world at the tip of our fingers.


is the mantra for you and your investments, also please beware and stay safe from internet scams.

Hoping that the tips above will help you with your doubts on “How to manage money.

Let us know if these tips are helpful when you are investing.

-Shajol V. Shaji

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