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Success Trading
London | Bangalore

Artificial Intelligence based Algorithmic Trading & Investment Management

We are a team of Artificial Intelligence practitioners and traders who came together to create a robust algorithm on top of the reinforcement learning state of the art trading framework 'TensorTrade'.

Our Promise!

We do not promise gold on a silver platter, obviously, there are risks involved when you speak of any trade market.  But rest assured we put the best efforts to generate stable profits.

Financial Freedom

'Your success story begins with us', is just a quote copied from Google. In reality, your success story begins with you. Read, research, analyse and choose what is best for you and your money.

Research your options in the market, speak to your friends, get to know us better, learn about our algorithm before you make a decision.

Why choose us?

After exhausting research we believe we are the first of its' kind business in India. We found 100s of investment management companies in India who are basically investment advisors, do not be confused- for we are not similar. "An investment adviser is an expert! He will know tomorrow why the things he predicted yesterday didn't happen today", fortunate enough, we don't do that.

ST V1.6 Algorithm hosted on Amazon Sagemaker

Cloud Integration is an essential part of algorithmic trading, this allows us to constantly analyse incoming data and make predictions without the hassle of server maintance or any other issue that arise due to physical conditions.

Versatility in Application

A reinforcement learning agent is the closest mimic to a human agent, the ability to learn is almost cognitive, the agent has a self betterment system through which the reward and penalty schemes are constantly changing and adapting to new market situations.

TensorTrade 1.0.2

Best in class reinforcement learning framework for training, evaluating, and deploying robust RL based trading agents.

MetaTrader 4/5

We promise the same kind of care to every customer. As a part of this, we integrate our algorithms' predictions through api to the famous Metatrader 4/5 application, which allows our experts to monitor every trade decision made by the algorithm.

Start a ripple with your money and let it grow.

Our Colourful Story

Do more of what works and less of what doesn’t - Steve Clark.

In the year 2018 we came across an open source project on GitHub called the 'RL Trader' by Adam King. In a nutshell, Reinforcement Learning Trader is a cryptocurrency trading environment built with the Open AI Gym, it simply allows users to code and train their algorithms to a reinforcement learning agent and then test it on market data for accuracy. The project gained momentum as many AI practitioners believed Reinforcement Learning to be the 'Real AI' and quickly began contributing to the project in various forms including adding their own algorithms to the open source project. We, at that time, were novice traders with skeptical thoughts on trading in cryptocurrency markets, thus began our journey; trying to rewrite the environment and develop algorithms to fit other general currency pairs, stocks and commodities.

We Take Pride in Our Numbers


per Annum Fixed Returns

$ 4,00,000+

Investments Received


Years Trading History


Backtesting Score

Investment is a continuous growth process

The Covid-19 Pandemic taught all of us the importance of an alternative income source. Investing is how you take charge of your financial security. It allows you to grow your wealth but also generate an additional income stream if needed ahead of retirement. A good investment plan is when you invest and compound it continuously for a long period for larger profits and lead a confident life.

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